Christine George

Christine George is the research lead for the Horticultural & Environmental Sciences Innovation Centre (HESIC). She leads and supports the success of applied research projects mainly for the Greenhouse Technology Network, a Niagara College-led initiative that brings together research institutions and greenhouse and technology businesses to accelerate the development, commercialization and adoption of new technologies. Research projects focus on validating novel products and/or technology through testing within greenhouses.

Also a faculty member at NC since 2019, Christine is a partial load professor teaching Plant Science 2 in the School of Environment and Horticulture program. After receiving her masters degree in Soil Science (2013) from the University of Guelph, Christine worked as a R&D lab manager for Alpha Agri Products Inc. She has spent the last three years as a private soil health consultant in southern Ontario, dividing her time between contract work with research or grant-driven projects, and soil sampling and analysis.

Sonny Murray

Sonny has over 17 years of experience in the agricultural industry, working with producers on crop input and seasonal planning. During his time in the agricultural retail business, he spent time developing crop input plans tailored to the producer’s quality and yield goals.

Sonny provides advisory services in horticultural crops, including strawberries, blueberries and caneberries. Sonny’s experience includes nutrient management, soil fertility, weed management, crop rotation and soil conservation.

He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree from the former Nova Scotia Agricultural College, where he majored in Plant Science and minored in Pest Management. After graduating, Sonny started his career in canola production and weed research with the Nova Scotia Agricultural College. Sonny has received many industry awards in recognition of his service, including the 2014 Nova Scotia Agrologist of the Year.

Mark Richards

Mark Richards farms near Dresden in Chatham-Kent, Ont. He’s part of Richards Rolling Acres Ltd., a multigenerational family farm that grows corn, soy, wheat, sugar beets, and processing tomatoes on mostly clay loam soils.

Kevin McKague

Kevin McKague is an engineer, water quality, with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA). He has authored or co-authored a range of peer-reviewed papers on his research on model use in assessing BMP effectiveness in improving soil and water quality. Kevin advises and works on a wide range of soil and water conservation issues.

Danny Jefferies

Danny Jefferies is the new soil management specialist, horticulture, with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA). Previously, Danny worked as a precision ag consultant for Deveron, consulting with farmers regarding seed and fertility recommendations using precision technologies.

Jason Henry

Jason Henry is a senior research scientist with Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. He established the Soil Health and Substrate Quality Assessment Laboratory at Vineland and acts as the lab’s supervisor. Jason attended Trent University in Peterborough, Ont., graduating with a Bachelor of Environmental Science, followed by a master’s degree in Environmental and Life Science.